Day 365

By: wedoryn

Dec 09 2010

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Category: 365


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

K, I actually did it -this project is complete~

Firstly, thanks to my dear fiancee for helping me think of ideas and living with a camera in my hand on many of our days out.

And of course, thanks to the tens or hundreds of you who actually clicked my links to this blog or stumbled upon and actually liked what you saw. Without encouragement, I’d probably have caved in months ago.

It certainly isn’t easy doing this photo 365 thing, but it is a good project to embark upon. It forces you to think of ideas, look for things to shoot and to google for things to try out.

As someone who’s actually completed a photo 365 project, I’ve two tips for anyone who wants to start one:

  1. Keep taking stuff. Even if it’s stupid, wrong, silly, a mistake, just try it. Try to mimic stuff that caught your eye, take stuff of anything at all. Just don’t stop, ‘cuz I’m guessing that once you do, you’re screwed.
  2. Always have your camera with you. Always. Be it a DSLR, compact, or a phone, just make sure you have some sort of camera with you. Even if you’re working, or if it’s a busy period in the year, just have your camera with you so you can follow tip number 1.

Again, thanks for all the visiting and sorry for the lousy filler-photos that I used on tragic, busy days. If you’d like to see what I’m up to after this, you can visit my Tumblr blog.

I hope you start a 365 project yourself, if you’re a camera-person too. It’ll do you good~

P.S. – I hate white vignettes, but it fit the story-book “The End” sort of picture, so there. Else, I think it’s a terrible thing to have in your photos, rawr.


4 comments on “Day 365”

  1. Cute ending 🙂 A very well executed photo in fact. It must feel great to be at the end, but a little sad too. I have till the end of the year to go. The project has come to consume more and more of my time as the year has passed, but I have gained significant benefit also. I can see from your photos that you have also gained great benefit.

    Good luck in your future photographic endeavours.

  2. I’ll miss seeing your new pix! So what’s your next photo project gonna be? 🙂

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